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The Student Budget Consultation provides youth with an opportunity to learn about the government’s revenues and expenditures, discuss important political issues and suggested policies, and offer their insights on the priorities of the upcoming federal budget. The opinions of students are collected through a survey and the results are shared with the Department of Finance.

Watch the introduction video with Minister Morneau:



To prepare for the consultation, you are encouraged to become informed about the budget, explore current national issues and compare differing viewpoints about budget priorities.

There are three learning phases:

  • BUDGET BASICS – Learn about the budget basics through a series of non-partisan animated videos outlining the Government of Canada’s revenues and expenditures.
  • YOUTH VOICES – Listen to young Canadians share which issues matter to them and explain how they could be addressed in Budget 2018.
  • PARTY PERSPECTIVES – Compare the ideas and budget priorities of the five parties represented in the House of Commons.



The survey will be launched the week of November 13, 2017.

The opinions of thousands of youth across Canada will be shared with national media and the Department of Finance in a preliminary report before the end of the year, and in a final report before the release of the Budget 2018.



CIVIX has engaged high school students in four Student Budget Consultations at the federal level. More than 7,000 high school students took part in the 2017 Student Budget Consultation from more than 400 schools throughout the country, representing every province and territory.

View the highlights from each below: