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Teaching Tools

Three lesson plans have been developed to guide teachers through the Student Budget Consultation. The lessons are designed to increase knowledge about the Canadian government and public finances, encourage political debate and dialogue, foster a sense of civic duty, and develop critical thinking and decision making skills.

These activities are linked to a wide variety of subject areas, including: citizenship education, social studies and government, personal finance, economics, current affairs and media literacy.

Using the suggested activities and teaching tools, teachers are encouraged to spend 2 to 3 classes covering the content and participating in the consultation.

Lesson 1: Budget Basics

  • Lesson Plan 1 [PDF]
  • Worksheet 1.1: Personal Budget Form [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 1.2: Financial Profiles [PDF]
  • Worksheet 1.3: Budget Basics [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 1.4: Expense Cheat Sheet [PDF]
  • Video: Introduction to the Student Budget Consultation [YouTube]
  • ‘Budget Basics’ videos [BUDGET BASICS]
  • PowerPoint A: Budget Basics [PPT]
  • PowerPoint B: The Federal Government’s Expenditures [PPT]
  • PowerPoint C: The Federal Government’s Revenues [PPT]
  • 2015 Student Budget Consultation Results [PDF]

Lesson 2: Budget Breakdown and Key Issues

  • Lesson Plan 2 [PDF]
  • Worksheet 2.1: My Federal Budget [PDF] [Word]
  • Worksheet 2.2: Examining the Issues [PDF] [Word]
  • PowerPoint D: 2016 Federal Budget Projections [PPT]
  • PowerPoint E: International Comparisons [PPT]
  • ‘Key Issues’ videos [KEY ISSUES]

Lesson 3: Political Perspectives and Budget Priorities

  • Lesson Plan 3 [PDF]
  • Worksheet 3.1: Analyzing Perspectives [PDF] [Word]
  • PowerPoint F: The Political Spectrum [PPT]
  • ‘Party Perspectives’ videos [PARTY PERSPECTIVES]
  • Student Budget Consultation Survey [SURVEY]
  • Political Spectrum Questions and Scoring Sheet [PDF]