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Teaching Tools

Four lesson plans have been developed by CIVIX to guide teachers through the 2022 Student Budget Consultation.

The lessons are designed to increase knowledge about budgeting, improve understanding about the Canadian government, encourage discussion about political issues, and develop critical thinking and decision making skills.

Using the suggested activities and teaching tools, teachers are encouraged to spend 3 to 4 classes covering the content and participating in the 2022 Student Budget Consultation. Please use, modify, rearrange and choose from the lessons and related resource material as you see fit.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: The Federal Government’s Budget

Lesson 3: The Economy and Fiscal Policy

Lesson 4: Political Perspectives

  • Lesson 4: Political Perspectives [PDF] [Google Doc]
  • Video: ‘The Political Spectrum’ [YouTube]
  • Videos: ‘Party Perspectives’ series [Party Perspectives]
  • Slide Deck E: 2022 Student Budget Consultation Results [PowerPoint] [Google Slides]
  • Slide Deck F: The Political Spectrum and the Federal Political Landscape [PowerPoint] [Google Slides]
  • 2022 Student Budget Consultation survey [Survey]
  • Activity 4.1: ‘Party Perspectives’ Video Assignment [PDF] [Word] [Google Doc]
  • Activity 4.2: Reflection Card [PDF] [Word] [Google Doc]
  • Appendix I: 2022 Student Budget Consultation survey questions [PDF]
  • Appendix II: Survey Background Information [PDF]
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