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Party Perspectives

Watch the Party Perspectives videos for an introduction to the different perspectives offered by Canada’s federal political parties in relation Budget 2022, and priorities for the post-pandemic economic recovery.

The representatives featured belong to each party in the House of Commons, including: Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada), Erin O’Toole (Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada), Jagmeet Singh (Member of Parliament and leader of the New Democratic Party), Amita Kuttner (Interim Leader of the Green Party of Canada), and Gabriel Ste-Marie (Member of Parliament and Finance critic for the Bloc Québécois).

Liberal Party
Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Conservative Party
Erin O’Toole
Leader of the Opposition

Bloc Québécois
Gabriel Ste-Marie
Finance critic

Jagmeet Singh
Party leader

Green Party
Amita Kuttner
Interim party leader


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