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Key Issues

Watch the Key Issues video below to explore the perspectives of advocates speaking about important public policy issues and priorities for the post-pandemic economic recovery.

The issues discussed include climate change and a green recovery, the care economy and a feminist recovery, healthcare and pharmacare, post-secondary education and youth, poverty and basic income, supporting Indigenous communities, achieving digital equity, small and independent business, foreign assistance, and the aging population and provincial transfers. 

The care economy and a feminist recovery
Anjum Sultana
YWCA Canada

Small and independent businesses
Corinne Pohlmann
Canadian Federation Of Independent Business

Climate change and the green recovery
John McNally
Smart Prosperity Institute

Achieving digital equity
Erin Knight

Supporting Indigenous communities
Alyssa Luttenberger
Canadian Roots Exchange

The aging population and provincial transfers
Dr. Trevor Tombe
Finances of the Nation

Healthcare and pharmacare
Matthew Musgrave
Heart and Stroke Foundation

Poverty and basic income
Chloe Halpenny
Basic Income Canada Youth Network

Post-secondary education and youth
Kien Azinwi
Canadian Federation of Students

Foreign assistance
Diana Sarosi
Oxfam Canada

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